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Worst game ever!!!!

At first I thought it was gonna be a pretty cool game but actually its not at all because at the very beginning its making me put in a pass code. A PASS CODE FOR WHAT!?!?!

Bad app!

I do not like Facebook. I do not want to sign into the Voice using Facebook. This is a STUPID idea. You have lost this Voice viewer. What is wrong with you idiots who wrote this crappy app? I want to rate this app negative 1364 stars but I have to give it at least one star. Another stupid idea!

The voice

I love this app because its so entertaining and awesome

App wont start

The app worked great last week. I tried to open it this week to vote and it wont open. Crashes on the start. Please fix!!!

No, you DO NOT need Facebook

Ignore the people who are saying you have to have Facebook to log in. Immediately below the Facebook button is a box to enter your email address to log in. I like this app. Its the easiest way to vote for your favorite artist.

What a waste!!

Why do you have to connect to Facebook. I could just walk right up to all the judges and say why do you have to make a game that has to be on Facebook!Im 8 years old you think I have Facebook! Shame on you!

Why Facebook?

It was a good app before they made you have face book to use it. I love the voice, and I was so excited to build my imaginary team and pretend to be a coach this year, but then I found out you had to connect to Facebook to do so. This is a real bummer for those who dont have Facebook. If theyre not going to change it, they should at least add other soil media sites like Instagram or Twitter, because then a much higher amount of people would be able to join.

Great Concept, Facebook Required

If you have Facebook, this app is great. But for those who do not have nor want Facebook, I do not recommend this app. I like the concept, but the requirement for Facebook is unacceptable.

Take off Facebook requirement, PLEASE!

I think its absurd that I should have to log in w Facebook. I dont use Facebook & therefore wont be able to vote. BRING THE OLD APP BACK, PLEASE!!!

Facebook Feature

I love watching The Voice, so I thought it would be cool to play along. You can push your button, and see the percentage of America that pushed their button. I figured I would be able to build a team like last year. Nope! Why? I dont have a Facebook account. And this app wouldnt let me add people to my team until I logged in with a Facebook account. So the people who dont have Facebook; there is no point in this app.

Constantly pushes for access to your Facebook

Data is money. This app is whorish in the constant push to connect to your FB contacts, data, email, phone. NO! Figure out a different revenue model. I like the app otherwise, but please stop the push to invade users privacy. It removes all credibility of the app.

Refuse to create facebook acct.

Social media requirements to appreciate singing? WHY? And while Im at it, I cant find any way to locate the songs on itunes from the show. keep getting the group with the name THE VOICE. I have to wait till they are in the top 100, if they get there at all. Make it searchable for the sake of the artists. You are lucky some of us still want to BUY songs there.

Facebook requirement

Im frustrated glad I read reviews b4 I pulled hair out. Think I"ll give up watching too. Happy last season when I had artists in top 5 but I refuse to join Facebook! Listen NBC!


I love the voice, but not this app! I dont have a Facebook account and u dont want one! Come on not everyone has a Facebook account come on!!!


The app its self was okay, but I dont have a Facebook. That means I cant do basically anything except suggest songs. I wanted to build a team, but nooooo. Overall thumbs down.

I used to like this app...

Since the first year they made this app, ive been using it and enjoyed it so much, but now they made a new update this season that you have to login to facebook to use it. I dont have facebook. They should have other choices for people who dont want to login to their facebook or dont have one. This is very disappointing to me, and I wish and hope that you fix this as soon as possible.

The Voice

Downloaded last season; loved voting and playing along; now cant due to Facebook log in required. Please take away that requirement. Please listen to your loyal followers or you will get many bad reviews. Was 5 stars to me before you updated app to this. Now this is all you get unless you change back.

Wont even try

Had a lot of fun with it last year, but like a lot of folks I read reviews before I reinstall apps. I also dont use FB, and in fact dont use social media at all. If I cant play along without joining FB then I wont even bother reinstalling the app. Sorry guys you really screwed up on this one

Worthless app

Its sad that those who can write a great app but LACK ONE FREE THING "COMMONSENSE" there not SMART ENOUGH TO LEAVE A GOOD THING ALONE!!!! They keep trying to make a round wheel better! Its impossible round is round!!!!! Bunch of idiots!!! Now you have to join Facebook or social media just to build your own team!!! Its suppose to be a free country & I feel not everyone enjoys an APP stuffing Facebook down your throat!!!! This app is nothing but a POS!!!!!

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